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Tigers: How safe they are in Tiger Reserves?

A 2006 Interview Produced by CREW

On 14th December, 2006, tourists found a large male tiger in Kanha dragging an iron trap attached to one of its legs. Fortunately, there was timely action after the tourists had raised an alarm and the male tiger was tranquilized and rescued from the trap. Next year on October 27, a large male tiger was once more trapped by poachers in Kanha Tiger Reserve. This tiger also had a miraculous escape. The poachers had set three iron jaw traps on one of the main tracks passing through Kanha, near Chimpta Camp in Kisli Range. Some laborers sent there to repair the road and cut the grass along the track noticed the tiger caught in a trap. When the laborers came very close, the huge tiger, using all its strength, could manage to extricate itself free from the jaw trap. These two instances clearly show that the poachers strike their targets at will inside the Tiger Reserves. When contacted this is what the Kanha Park director, K. Nayak, had to say in the third week of December 2006

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