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After battling with COVID-19 pandemic, Our World will no longer be the same. Let's go back to Nature...Let'sgo back to Mother Earth with humility...Let's be down to earth....


After the COVID-19 pandemic situation normalises​, CREW will organise Birding Camps at Van Vihar National Park, Kerwan Dam and Ratapani Sanctuary near Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.


After this year's Monsoon season, the Central Indian Highlands Wildlife Film Festival (CIHfestival 2020) will take off with a week-long inaugural event. It will include screening of Wildlife documentaries, Nature Trails and Jungle Camps.

Watch this space for announcement of CIHfestival 2020 and participation guidelines post- COVID-19 Lockdown.

CIHfestival 2020

Volunteer with CREW

CREW Reporter

CREW is launching a week-long Volunteer Training Programme after the COVID-19 lockdown period. Those willing to join may contact us.

Young CREW

for Tigers

CREW Reporter

Due to biotic pressure and the menace of poaching, tigers and other wildlife species are now threatened like never before. CREW calls upon the Youth to come forward and join the Young CREW for Tigers campaign.

Back to Nature

CREW Reporter

With the help of renowned wildlife experts and documentary makers, CREW has been organising jungle safaris and wildlife camps at regular interval in national parks and tiger reserves. Our Jungle Safari schedule for 2020 will be announced soon.


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