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Water Birds of Bhopal

Water birds of Bhopal come to Delhi

The Hindu

Friday, Jul 28, 2006

Staff Reporter

A 28-minute documentary screened at India International Centre `The aim is to create awareness about the urgent need to understand and conserve this habitat'

NEW DELHI: A 28-minute documentary on "Water birds of Bhopal'' produced by Lalit Shastri, Principal Correspondent of The Hindu in Madhya Pradesh and Dr. Rajshri Shastri, Professor of Sociology, MLB College, Bhopal, was screened at India International Centre here on Thursday as part of the non-government organisation Toxics Link's lecture series on Environment and Public Health. Speaking about the film, Mr. Shastri said the aim of the documentary was to highlight how the habitat of migratory birds coming to the water bodies in Bhopal was threatened by sewage, chemicals and other pollutants destroying their home. "Wetlands are among the most delicately balanced and vital habitats. They indicate and maintain a healthy water table. We have studied 40 species of birds for the film and hope that the documentary would be used to create awareness about the urgent need to understand and conserve this habitat,'' added Mr. Shastri. The screening was followed by a panel discussion on the subject. Principal Co-ordinator for Indian Cranes and Wetlands Working Group, K. S. Gopi Sundar, photographer and Head of Delhi Birds Club, Nikhil Devasar, and Director of Toxics Link Ravi Agarwal participated in the discussion. Mr. Sundar said: "Scientists and bird-watchers are busy unravelling the mysteries of these creatures even as their numbers dwindle. The film is an easy-to-follow learning tool that can be used to speak to people about conservation and awareness. Wetlands are the second fastest habitat that is being destroyed today.''

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