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Late Kunwar Kanweshwar Singh Jamwal, who was popular among his friends as "Bobbie", lived for Mother Earth, Tigers and  the entire ecosystem as much as he lived for his motherland, family, friends and humanity. 

Bobbie took this brilliant picture of a Tiger. It speaks volumes about the endangered tiger and reminds how precariously the big cat sits at the apex of the biotic pyramid, holding ground against all odds. CREW salutes the memory of Bobby - the great naturalist - who was equally concerned about the fate of tigers, bees and butterflies.

Bobbie, who was based in New Delhi as Managing Director Quest, was a front-ranking consultant in areas like InfoTech, Infrastructure, Eco-Technologies, Health Care, Aviation and Wildlife Conservation. As an avid wildlife photographer, who was deeply concerned about the fate of tigers, he was widely respected.
On a social networking site, Bobbie once wrote: “Homo sapiens have played havoc with the tiger territory. But for a handful of concerned human beings this magnificent specie would have got wiped out completely.”

Late Bobbie Jamwal
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